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A solution for investors and regular EGLD holders to
securely participate in the MultiversX staking economy.

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Transfering your EGLD to our secure delegation smart contract enables us to run validator nodes.

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Enjoy your daily payouts or take advantage of the compounding rewards possibility.

We are proudly running validator nodes on the MultiversX (Elrond) network since the first block.

Official MultiversX staking partner

$3,849,576 Managed
26 Validator
3,923 Active


Annual rewards


* Estimates based on today's EGLD value, our 3% service fee, as well as the current maximum network rewards.

What is staking?

In Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchains, validators are the servers that process transactions and secure the network by participating in the consensus mechanism and in return earn rewards. MultiversX requires a minimum stake of 2 500 EGLD for each validator.

Investors and regular EGLD holders can run validator nodes on their own, however, becoming a validator is complicated. Maintaining the required infrastructure and meeting all the requirements generates a real overhead and exposure to risk.

While technical bugs, software failure and connectivity issues can hurt rewards, mismanaged private keys or validator configuration can lead to a loss of principal funds.

Alchemy Capital brings peace of mind by managing all these.


You are always in complete control of your private keys and funds. Also, you are free to unstake at any time.


The MultiversX staking smart contract is open source and audited. We don't have access to your funds at any time.


Our dashboard provides a live view into all the perfomance metrics. Also, our funds are staked along side yours.

Common questions

MultiversX allows participants to earn additional EGLD by validating transactions and helping secure the network through staking.

Staking is an activity where a user locks his funds in order to participate in maintaining the operations of the MultiversX blockchain system.

In other words, for the end user, staking is the act of locking cryptocurrencies to receive rewards.

You can stake eGold from your MultiversX Web Wallet or xPortal for Android or iOS. In the staking / delegation section and search for Alchemy and proceed with the staking flow. Learn more

We don't sell EGLD directly, but you can buy eGold from MultiversX suggested partners, using a bank card or wire transfer:

APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate, which represents the rewards rate for a whole year, applied to your staked funds.

Alchemy Capital's current APR is 8.36%, which is estimated based on the current theoretical maximum network rewards and our service fee.

Basically, for every 100 EGLD that you stake with us, you will be rewarded with another 8.36 EGLD yearly.

The minimum amount that you can stake is 1 EGLD.

There's no minimum for unstake. However, please note that is not possible to leave less than 1 EGLD staked.

In order to stake, first you'll need to create a wallet and send your funds over to it.

Then head over to the staking / delegation section and search for Alchemy in the staking providers list. Learn more

You can unstake at any time using MultiversX Web Wallet or xPortal Wallet App.

On MultiversX Network, the unstake process takes 10 days. You first have to initiate the unstake process and 10 days later, you will need to finalize the withdrawal of your staked EGLD.

As a staking service provider we are responsible for running the MultiversX Network validator nodes. This will keep the network secure for everyone and earn you new eGold in the process.

On a low level side, this includes managing infrastructure, servers, monitoring, backups and redundancy which usually costs money to run and manage.

In exchange for this service, we take a commission on all rewards generated. In other words, we only make money when you make money.

Alchemy Capital applies a service fee of 3% of the overall rewards.

In proof-of-stake, validators can earn rewards for doing work that benefits the network, but can also get slashed if they perform malicious actions.

In order to offer the best service, we always run the original validator code provided by the MultiversX Network, we make sure we always implement the best practices provided and assure the appropriate backup and redundacy.

We, the owners of Alchemy Capital, are in this business starting with the genesis block, day 1, and our funds are staked along side yours.

We provide a live dashboard where you can check the stats regarding your stake and all the performance metrics.

Here is also the place where you can claim your rewards, redelegate them (compounding feature) or initiate withdrawals.

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